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Government Dockyard (Chinese: 政府船塢) is a dockyard of Hong Kong Government responsible for the design, procurement and maintenance of all vessels owned by the Government.

The dockyard occupies a site of 98 hectares on the northeast coast of Stonecutters Island in Hong Kong and has an 8.3-hectare protected water basin as an operational base for vessels operated by the Marine Department. The dockyard has a shiplift system and three ship-hoists capable of drydocking vessels of up to 750 tonnes. An on-line computerised information system is employed to co-ordinate the maintenance activities and support services to maximise maintenance efficiency and vessel availability.[1]

The dockyard is adjacent to Stonecutters Island Sewage Treatment Plant is accessible by Ngong Shuen Road.

Former Tenants[edit]

This dockyard was the final Tamar shore station prior to the handover and used briefly by the Royal Navy. The base was closed on April 11, 1997 a few months prior to the handover and centenary of HMS Tamar's arrival to Hong Kong.[2]

The base was used to service 3 of the Peacock class patrol ships:

The ships remained at the decommissioned base before being sold to the Philippine Navy.

Current tenants[edit]

List of government departments with vessels serviced here:

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