Government Girls P.G. College

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Government Girls P.G. College
शासकीय कन्या पी. जी. महाविद्यालय
PrincipalDr. (Smt.) Mangla Sharma
Location, ,
AffiliationsMaharaja Chhatrasal Bundelkhand University

The college is located on the national highway of Gwalior-Allahabad, India, adjacent to Bhagwan Narshingh Mandir of Chhatarpur City. It has about nine acres of land. The college is the only postgraduate girls college in the three districts of Madhya Pradesh. i.e. Panna, Chhatarpur and Tikamgarh.

The institute is 45 km from Khajuraho, famous for 9th and 10th century Chandel era Temples.

Chhatarpur was founded by Bundelkhand ruler Maharaja Chhatrasal. It comes under the 49 legislative assembly and 06 Khajuraho parliamentary constituency. The college is affiliated to Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar (M.P.), 165 km. away from Chhatarpur. Chhatarpur is connected to train route through Harpalpur Station which is 58 km. away.

The college comes under the jurisdiction of Add. Director Higher Education, Rewa.


The Government Girls P. G. College was founded on 28 Oct. 1968, as a private college by the M.P. Education Society. It was then known as the Arts and Home Science Girls College. The number of girl students at that time was 20-25.

The society carried on its work until 1997, after which it handed over administration to Siksha Prasar Samiti, that continued working from Oct 1977 to Sept. 1982, during these years the number of girls student was 150-200.

On 1 October 1982 the college was undertaken by M.P. Government. It was declared a postgraduate college in 1996. Presently the college has faculties of Art, Science and Home Science. There 720 girl students.

Aims and objectives[edit]

  • Provision of higher education for girls in Arts, Science, Home Science and Music,
  • Computer education to girls through Project Gyanodaya,
  • Development of social status and community feelings in the students by participating in NSS. Through NCC Students will develop disciplinary life along with a feeling of patriotism,
  • Facilities of games and sports for keeping physically fit.


  1. Prof. (Smt.) Sudha Khare :01.10.1982-06.08.1985
  2. Dr. R. C. Shukla :07.08.1985-03.07.1986
  3. Dr. S. L. More :04.07.1986-23.07.1988
  4. Dr. S. K. Mehra :24.07.1988-31.07.1992
  5. Prof. R. P. Sahu :01.08.1992-22.09.1992
  6. Dr. D. S. Saxena :23.09.1992-04.07.1994
  7. Prof. V. K. Singh :05.07.1994-24.06.1996
  8. Dr. R. G. Mishra :27.06.1996-08.08.1997
  9. Dr.(Smt.) Manda Kaweshwer :19.08.1997-30.09.2000
  10. Prof. H. S. Khare :03.10.2000-30.04.2003
  11. Dr. R. G. Mishra :01.05.2003-31.10.2003
  12. Prof. J. K. Pauranik :03.11.2003-24.11.2005
  13. Prof.(Smt) Kumud Shrivastav :25.11.2005-29.12.2006
  14. Dr. O.P. Sharma :20.12.2006-31.12.2006
  15. Smt. Madhu Dosaj :01.01.2007-31.01.2007
  16. Dr.(Smt). Mamta Bajpai :01.02.2007-18.02.2008
  17. Dr.(Smt). Mangla Sharma :26.2.2008 - Continued

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