Government House, Anguilla

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Government House
General information
Type official residence
Location Old Ta
Country Anguilla
Current tenants Governor of Anguilla
Construction started 1969
Completed 1969
Owner Government of Anguilla

Government House is the official residence of the Governor of Anguilla, located in Old Ta in Anguilla.

The building was first constructed in 1969, but was substantially modernised in 1974.

As well as being the residence of the Anguillan Governor and their family, Government House is also used for national and ceremonial functions, as well as receptions and meetings with visiting foreign dignitaries and heads of state. It is also the official residence of the Anguillan head of state (currently Queen Elizabeth II) when staying in Anguilla.

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Coordinates: 18°13′14″N 63°04′07″W / 18.2206°N 63.0686°W / 18.2206; -63.0686