Government House, Falkland Islands

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Large, rambling house with greenhouse and stone wall
Government House in Stanley

Government House in Stanley has been the home of the Falkland Islands' London-appointed Governors since the mid-19th century. The official residence was built in 1845.

The 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica says in the Falkland Islands article that "Government House, grey, stone-built and slated, calls to mind a manse in Shetland or Orkney."

Sir Ernest Shackleton stayed here during his famous expedition. Allegedly, he described his time there as being "far colder than any time on the ice".[citation needed] Whether that refers to the welcome he received or the temperature is not clear.

It is a listed building.[1]

It was the site of a major battle during the Argentine invasion of the Falklands in 1982.

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Coordinates: 51°41′30″S 57°52′21″W / 51.69167°S 57.87250°W / -51.69167; -57.87250