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Government National College, Karachi is a college in Karachi, Pakistan.

Government National College is the biggest college of Karachi being run under one roof, with all the three faculties of Science, Arts and Commerce up to degree level being affiliated with the University of Karachi.

Government of Sindh, with the concept that information technology education should come within the reach of common people, introduced a three-year Bachelor in Computer Science (B.C.S.) program in ten public sector colleges of the province in 2001. Government National College, Karachi had the honor of being the first selectee for this program. Government of Sindh and the college administration took the project on a war-footing and now the BCS block has fully equipped laboratories, well-furnished classrooms, and an independent library containing several hundred books of various disciplines.[citation needed]


The National Educational Society established the school as the National College, with 'Professor Hasan Adil', Professor M.M.Malik, Professor Hasnain Kazmi, Professor Shamsul Haq and efforts of Kardar who specially helped to get the land for education purpose from Government. The school was established from the home of Professor Hasan Adil in Karachi. He had managed to obtain the services of distinguished scholar, Professor Shamsul Haq, where he along with the other founding members, waived their salaries in the interest of establishing the school for the benefit of the local community. Prof. Hasan Adil serving as the first head from March 1956 to March 1973. Originally the school had co-educated system and a "double shift". On 1 September 1972 the Pakistani government nationalised the school. After nationalization Prof. Syed Imtiaz Hussain, Head of Chemistry Department of this College took the charge of Principal. Under his principalship the College playing a vital role in education of Karachi. In the context of evening classes the name of Dr. Ansar Zahid Khan, a well known literally personality and professor of History became the Incharge of evening shift. The evening shift completely separated and became independent college status, was introduced in 1993 after the Sindh provincial government. In 1996 the Department of Computer Science, under the faculty of Science opened. the first time any government college in Karachi offered that intermediate level. Two years later due to the efforts by Prof. Rashid Hae, Professor Nazir Ahmed, Professor Ilyas Soomro and Senior Superintendent Naseem,the college could introduce Computer Science at B.Sc. level.


The campus is between Alamgir Road and Shaheed-e-Millat Road, in the Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society (KMCHS), Gulshan-e-Iqbal Town, Union Council UC-02 in District East ).[1]

The campus of the College extends to an area of 1.75 acres (7,100 m2) and consists of three blocks: Science, Arts and Commerce. The College has 30 lecture rooms, which are spacious, airy and well illuminated. The laboratories are well equipped.

In front of the main building there are verdant lawns and flowerbeds along the walkways.


There is a large, centrally located auditorium named after Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, a renowned educationist, a Muslim reformer, a freedom fighter and the founder of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. A part of the auditorium serves as indoor games like Basketball, Table Tennis, BadmingTon, Snooker, wolyboll, yassu panju, pakran pakrayii, Baraf Panii, oonch neech ka pahar and Kona Kona ...


The campus library is a two-story building, the upper story of which serves as a place for researchers. The lower story serves as a reading hall for students. Presently, the library has more than 25,000 books on different subjects. The leading dailies of the country are available in the Reading Hall.

The library was recently equipped with four computers for study purposes. They are loaded with dictionaries and encyclopedias for the students' quick reference.


  1. Professor Hasan Adil
  2. Professor Syed Imtiaz Hussain
  3. Professor Hasnain Kazmi
  4. Professor Dr. Fheemuddin
  5. Professor Dr. Shafiaque Ali Khan
  6. Professor Ahmed Hussain Zaidi
  7. Professor Mukkaram Ali Sherwani
  8. Professor Siraj-ul-Islam Bhukhari
  9. Professor Dr. Sherif Memon
  10. Professor Syed Ghulam Asghar
  11. Professor Azmatullah Khan
  12. Professor F.M Nazir
  13. Professor Muhammad Rashid Hai
  14. Professor Anees Ahmed Zaidi
  15. Professor Naimatullah Khan
  16. Professor Zahid Latif Butt
  17. Professor Jamal Uddin
  18. Professor Liaquat Ali Shaikh
  19. Professor Zaheer Uddin Khan
  20. Professor Wasim Adil
  21. Professor Khawaja Muhammad Rashid
  22. Professor Ehtesham ul Haq
  23. Professor Muhammad Aqeel
  24. Professor Dr. Syed Afzal Ahmed Bukhari (on chair)

Teaching Staff[edit]

Science Faculty[edit]

Department of Mathematics

  1. Mr. Shoaib Raza
  2. Mr. Muhammad Farooq
  3. Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Shaikh
  4. Mr. Zaheer Iqbal Farooqui
  5. Mr. Mansoor Ahmed Khan

Department of Botnay

  1. Mr. Abid Arzoo Rashid
  2. Mr. S. Hamid Nadeem Naqvi
  3. Mr. Arif uz Zaman

Department of Chemistry

  1. Mr. Adil Azmat
  2. Mr. Irfan Ahmed

Department of Computer Science

  1. Mr. Sameen Athar
  2. Mr. Shahbaz Ali Shahani

Department of Physics

  1. Mr. Sohail Alam Altaf
  2. Mr. Muhammad Jahengir
  3. Mr. Fakhr-e- Alam
  4. Mr. Rizwan ur Rehman
  5. Mr. Naveed Anjum
  6. Mr. Adil Khan
  7. Mr. Salman

Department of Zoology

  1. Mr. Sohail Aslam

Arts Faculty[edit]

Department of Economics

  1. Mr. Gulzar Ali Memon
  2. Mr. Muhammad Anwar
  3. Mr. Zia-ul-Qamar
  4. Mr. Usman Ali

Department of English

  1. Mr Imran Ali Khan

Department of Islamic History

  1. Mr. Muhammad Kashif
  2. Mr. Ali Asghar Mohib
  3. Mr. Muhammad Shehzad Khurram

Department of Islamic Studies

  1. Mr. Sibghatullah Mahesar
  2. Mr. Shafiq Ahmed Jokhio
  3. Mr. Sheeraz Shaikh

Department of Political Science

  1. Mr. Khadim Hussain
  2. Mr. Aftab Ahmed Mahar
  3. Mr. Syed Zohaib Shah
  4. Mr. Syed Zakir Shah

Department of Sindhi

  1. Mr. Tariq Aziz Shaikh

Department of Urdu

  1. Mr. Muhammad Ibrahim Ghauri
  2. Dr. Muhammad Arshad Usman
  3. Mr. Tahirullah

Commerce Faculty[edit]

  1. Mr. Ajazuddin Shaikh
  2. Mr. Akbar Junejo
  3. Mr. Zakir Hussain
  4. Mr. Nasrullah Bhatti
  5. Mr. Sarosh Adnan
  6. Mr. Farhad Chhajro


  1. Mr. Memon Zohaibuddin (Librarian)


  1. Mrs. Syeda Mushayyada Mumtaz (D.P.E)

Non Teaching Staff[edit]

  1. Mr. AsaD Moosa( Senior Sweeper )
  2. Mr. Ameen Askanii ( Security Guard )
  3. Mr. Shah Raza ( Assistant Superintendent )
  4. Mr. Mohsin Senior Clerk
  5. Mt. Muhammad Ashraf Khaskhely ( Senior Clerk )
  6. Mr. Diber ( Junior Clerk )
  7. Mr. Muhammad Ali ( Junior Clerk )
  8. Mr. Naeem Ahmed ( Laboratory Supervisor )
  9. Mr. Syed Iftikhar Ali ( Laboratory Supervisor )
  10. Mr. Maqsood Alam ( Laboratory Supervisor )
  11. Mr. Ammad ullah Khan ( Senior Lab. Assistant )
  12. Mr. Syed Muhammad Javed ( Senior Lab. Assistant )
  13. Mr. Aziz ullah Mangnejo ( Senior Lab. Assistant )
  14. Mr. Muhammad Kashif ( Senior Lab. Assistant )
  15. Mr. Muhammad Zohaib Khan ( Senior Lab. Assistant )
  16. Mr. Muhammad Aftab ( Senior Lab. Assistant )
  17. Mr. AmaaN Rafique SanDle ( NationaL GanTDuNnni )

Notable alumni[edit]

Javed Ahmed SR director

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