Government Villupuram Medical College

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Government Villupuram Medical College
Established 2010
Parent institution

Dean Dr. Shankara Narayanan M.S(ENT).,DLO.,
Students 500
Undergraduates 100 per year each in medical
Address NH-45, villupuram - 605 601, villupuram, Tamil Nadu, India
11°35′25″N 79°18′38″E / 11.590360°N 79.310500°E / 11.590360; 79.310500Coordinates: 11°35′25″N 79°18′38″E / 11.590360°N 79.310500°E / 11.590360; 79.310500

The Government Villupuram Medical College is an educational institution established in 2010 in Mundiyampakkam village in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The college accepts 100 students per year, of which 85 are state quota seats and 15 are from the All India quota. It is a Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized medical college. It was opened by ex-education minister Ponmudi.[citation needed]

The college has a 500-bed tertiary care teaching hospital. It includes a zero delay casualty and emergency ward as well as specialty departments including neurology, neurosurgery, urology and pediatric surgery. It has an on-site hospital equipped with treatment and investigative equipment such as laparoscopy, laser and MRI scanners.[citation needed]

Motto and Emblem[edit]

The Motto of the College is "Rural Health, Nation's Wealth". This stresses the importance of Healthcare of Rural Population of the Nation, which contributes to active working people who in turn work more and increase the production thereby making the nation wealthier.

The Emblem has a diagram of Sugar Cane representing the predominant Agricultural Product of the District and the Kalyana Mahal at Gingee fort. Gingee Fort was ranked by Chatrapathi Shivaji, the Maratha Emperor as the "most impregnable fortress in India" and it was called the "Troy of the East" by the British.

Coat of Arms or Emblem of Villupuram Medical College
Coat of Arms of Villupuram Medical College

Hostel facilities[edit]

The college has separate male and female on-campus hostel facilities for 250 students. It also has separate hostels for internship doctors, doctors and nurses.[citation needed]

Central library[edit]

The 1600 square meter central library was built with seating for 100 students. It held 7000 textbooks and reference books as of 2015 along with 100 medical journals.[citation needed]

Medical education unit[edit]

The Medical Education Unit (MEU) is located on the third floor of the college building. It can accommodate 250 seats. The MEU contains audio-visual aids, computers with internet facilities and CD-Books. Medical Council of India Regulation on graduate Medical Education 1997 emphasized that faculty members should employ modern education technology. To attain this objective, medical education units/departments should be established for faculty development and provide learning resource material for teachers. Due to this directive from MCI, the MEU has been created at Government Villupuram Medical college.


Every class of MBBS students assigns itself a name denoting the year of their entry into the medical school.

  • 2010- Troezianz
  • 2011- Xavionz
  • 2012- Pherouxianz
  • 2013- Zenforianz
  • 2014- Xastradianz
  • 2015- Festronianz

Health insurance scheme[edit]

A health insurance scheme was started in February 2012. A separate insurance ward was created and named the CMHIS Ward 500. The ward is located on the 2nd floor. There are 28 beds in total with screens for privacy.


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