Government of Assam

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Government of Assam
Seal of Assam svg.svg
Seat of Government Dispur
Governor P B Acharya
Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi
  • Vidhan Sabha
Speaker Pranab Gogoi
Deputy Speaker Bhima Nanda Tanti
Members in Assembly 126
Council none
Chairman none
Deputy Chairman none
Members in Council none
High Court Gauhati High Court
Chief Justice K Sreedhar Rao

The Government of Assam is the provincial governing authority of the state of Assam in the Republic of India.

It consists of the Governor as the head of the state, who is nominated by the Government of India. The head of government is the Chief Minister, who is the leader of the group that commands a majority in the 126-membered unicameral Assam Legislative Assembly. The Assam Assembly is elected by universal adult suffrage for a period of maximum 5 years. The Chief Minister is assisted by a Council of Ministers that he nominates, the size of which is restricted.


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