Government of Belarus

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Government of Belarus
Урад Рэспублікі Беларусь
Formation 1994
Jurisdiction Republic of Belarus

The Government of the Republic of Belarus (Belarusian: Урад Рэспублікі Беларусь), which consists of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus (Belarusian: Савет Міністраў Рэспублікі Беларусь), is the executive branch of state power in Belarus, and it is appointed by the President of Belarus. The head of the Government is the Prime Minister of Belarus, who manages the main agenda of the government and direct the ministers.

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Council of Ministers[edit]

Below are the 32 members of the Council of Ministers as of January 2016. The Prime Minister, the head of his administration, the chairman of the State Control Committee, the five deputy prime ministers and three selected ministers together form the Presidium of the Council of Ministers. These officials are highlighted in yellow.

Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov
Chief of staff to the President of Belarus Alexander Kosinets
Chairman of the State Control Committee Leonid Anfimov
First Deputy Prime Minister Vasily Matyushevsky
Deputy Prime Minister Anatoly Kalinin
Deputy Prime Minister Natalia Kochanova
Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusyi
Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Semashko
Minister of Agriculture and Food Leonid Zayats
Minister of Architecture and Construction Anatoly Cherny
Minister of Communication and Informatization Sergei Popkov
Minister of Culture Boris Svetlov
Minister of Defence Andrei Ravkov
Minister of Economy Vladimir Zinovsky
Minister of Education Mihail Zhuravkov
Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Vashchenko
Minister of Energy Vladimir Potupchik
Minister of Finance Vladimir Amarin
Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei
Minister of Forestry Mikhail Amelianovich
Minister of Public Health Vasily Zharko
Minister of Housing and Communal Services Alexandr Terekhov
Minister of Industry Vitaly Vovk
Minister of Information Liliya Ananich
Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Shunevich
Minister of Justice Oleg Slizhevsky
Minister of Labour and Social Protection Marianna Shchetkina
Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Andrei Kovkhuto
Minister of Tax Collection Sergey Nalivaiko
Minister of Trade Vladimir Koltovich
Minister of Transport and Communications Anatoly Sivak
Minister of Sports and Tourism Alexander Shamko

Chairmen of the State Committees[edit]

State Security Committee Valery Vakulchik
State Military-Industrial Committee Sergei Gurulev
State Committee on Property Andrey Gaev
State Science and Technology Committee Victor Nazarenko
State Border Committee Leonid Maltsev
State Customs Committee Yuri Senko

Heads of the subordinate agencies[edit]

State Food Industry Concern Alexander Zabello
State Petroleum and Chemicals Concern Igor Lyashenko
State Light Industry Goods Production and Sales Concern Nikolay Efimchik
Production and Trade Concern of Forestry, Woodworking and Pulp-and-Paper Industry Yuri Nazarov
Republican Union of Consumer Cooperatives Valery Ivanov
Republican Centre for Sanatorium-and-Spa Treatment Gennady Bolbatovsky
Commissioner for Religions and Nationalities Leonid Gouliako

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