Government of Canada Building, Moncton

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Government of Canada Building
General information
Type Office
Location 777 Main St.
Coordinates 46°05′19″N 64°46′42″W / 46.0886°N 64.7782°W / 46.0886; -64.7782Coordinates: 46°05′19″N 64°46′42″W / 46.0886°N 64.7782°W / 46.0886; -64.7782
Completed 1977
Owner Heritage Management
Roof 34.0 m (111.5 ft)
Top floor 9
Technical details
Floor count 9
Floor area 48,820 sq ft (4,536 m2)

The Government of Canada Building is one of the tallest buildings in Moncton, New Brunswick. The building is 34 meters tall and has 9 floors. The building was constructed in 1977 and is located at 777 Main Street in downtown Moncton. It is mainly used as offices for the Government of Canada as well as various lawyers. The entire top floor of the building is occupied by offices for Freedom 55 Financial and the Quadrus Group both divisions of the London Life Insurance Company.

The façade of this building underwent an aesthetic upgrade in 2008.

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