Government of Cantabria

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Government of Cantabria
Spanish: Gobierno de Cantabria
Logotipo del Gobierno de Cantabria.svg
Logo of the Government of Cantabria
State  Spain
Leader President of Cantabria
Appointed by Monarch
Main organ Council of Government
Responsible to Parliament of Cantabria
Headquarters C/ Peña Herbosa, 29,
Santander.svg Santander
Website Official website

The Government of Cantabria is one of the statutory institutions that conform the Autonomous Community of Cantabria. It is the superior collegiate body that directs the politics and the Administration of his Spanish autonomous community, and at the same time the holder of the executive power as well as the regulatory authority over said territory.


Every four years there are the Autonomical Elections, when the electors of Cantabria vote for the political party that they want in government. The members of the elected Parliament of Cantabria must elect the President of Cantabria, and he must elect his counsellors.

Members of the Government[edit]

This is the government for the 2015-2019 period. They are members of the Regionalist Party of Cantabria and the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, governing in coalition.

Charge Name
President of Cantabria Miguel Ángel Revilla (PRC)
Vicepresident and Councilor of Universities, Research, Environment and Social Services Eva Díaz Tezanos (PSC-PSOE)
Councilor of the Presidence and Justice Rafael de la Sierra (PRC)
Councilor of Innovation, Industry, Tourism and Commerce Francisco Martín (PRC)
Councilor of Public works and housing José María Mazón (PRC)
Councilor of Livestock, Fishing and Rural Development Jesús Oria (PRC)
Councilor of Economy, Treasury and Employment Juan José Sota (PSC-PSOE)
Councilor of Healthcare María Luisa Real (PSC-PSOE)
Councilor of Education, Culture and Sports Ramón Ruiz (PSC-PSOE)

Public Companies[edit]

Here is a list with the public companies which depend of the Government of Cantabria:

  • Cantur[1]
  • SICAN[2]
  • Gesvican
  • Puertos de Cantabria
  • PCTCAN[4]
  • SCS (Servicio Cántabro de Salud)[5]
  • MARE (Medio Ambiente, Agua, Residuos y Energía)[6]