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The Government of Chad has been ruled and controlled by Idriss Déby and his Patriotic Salvation Movement since December 2, 1990, and officially since February 28, 1991. An amendment to the Constitution of Chad, passed in 2005, allowed Déby to run for his next term which will be his third. He ran for it and won, although the election was criticized harshly. (See Chadian presidential election, 2006).

The Republic of Chad maintains an embassy in the United States at 2401 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington D.C..


President Lieutenant General Idriss Déby December 2, 1990-
Chadian Prime Minister Albert Pahimi Padacké Current
Minister of State for Agriculture Haroun Kabadi Current
Minister of Civil Service, Labor, and Employment Fatime Kitmo Current
Minister of Commerce and Artisans Carmelle Ngarmbatina Current
Minister of Communications and Culture, and Spokesperson for the Government Hourmadji Moussa Doumngor Current
Minister of Decentralization Oumar Boukar Current
Minister of Economy, Plan, and Cooperation Mahmat Ali Hassan Current
Minister of Environment and Water Hissein Ahmed Senoussi Current
Minister of Ethics Mahamat Bechir Okormi Current
Minister of Finance Abdoulaye Sabre Fadoul Current
Minister of Foreign Affairs and African Cooperation Moussa Faki Ended 2017
Minister of Higher Learning, Scientific Research, and Professional Training Avocksouma Djona Current
Minister of Interior, Security, and Decentralization Abderaman Moussa Current
Minister of Justice Albert Pahimi Padacké Current
Minister of Land Development Sandjima Dounia Current
Minister of Livestock Mahamat Allamine Bourma Current
Minister of Mines and Energy Yaya Dillo Current
Minister of National Administration Sandjima Douoya Current
Minister of National Education, Youth, and Sports Avocksouma Djona Current
Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Human Rights Abderamane Djasnabaille Current
Minister of Petroleum Mahmat Nasser Hassan Current
Min. of Postal Service, New Technology, and Communications Mahmat Garfa Current
Minister of Public Health Moussa Khadam Current
Minister of Public Security and Immigration Routouang Yoma Golom Current
Minister of Social Action and Family Hassan Terap Current
Minister of Territorial Administration Mahmat Ali Abdallah Current
Minister of Tourism Development Brahim Koulamallah Current
Minister of Transport Emmanuel Nadingar Current
Minister of Urban Management and Housing Chene Adoum Current
Minister in the Presidency in Charge of National Defense Bichara Issa Djadallah Current
Minister of State for Infrastructure Adoum Younousmi Current
Under Secretary of State for the Budget Ngoyam Djaibe Current
Ambassador to the US Mahamat Adam Bechir Current
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Mahamat Ali Adoum Current