Government of Moscow

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Government of Moscow

Правительство Москвы
Tverskaya13 Moscow 06-2015.jpg
Flag of Government of Moscow
Coat of arms of Government of Moscow
Coat of arms
 • HeadSergey Sobyanin
since October 21, 2010
Administration center13 Tverskaya Street, Moscow, Russia

The Government of Moscow (Russian: Правительство Москвы) is the highest executive body of state authority of Moscow. The Government of Moscow is headed by the highest official of the city of Moscow, i.e. the Mayor of Moscow.[1]

The members of the Government of Moscow are the Mayor of Moscow, the Deputy Mayors of Moscow in the Moscow Government and the Moscow Government ministers. The Government of Moscow issues orders that are signed by the Mayor of Moscow. The Government of Moscow has legal personality. Structure and functioning of the Government of Moscow are established by the law of Moscow, adopted by Moscow City Duma.[2]

According to the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Moscow is an independent federal subject of the Russian Federation, a so-called city of federal importance.

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