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The Regional Government of Veneto (Giunta Regionale del Veneto) is the executive of Veneto, one of the twenty regions of Italy.

The Regional Government, which has its seat at Palazzo Balbi on the Grand Canal, is led by the President of Veneto, who is elected for a five-year term, and composed of the President and ten Ministers (Assessori), including a Vice President.

Current composition[edit]

The current regional government has been in office from 29 June 2015, under the leadership of President Luca Zaia of Liga VenetaLega Nord.

Zaia II Government
Office Name Party
President Luca Zaia Liga Veneta
Vice President Gianluca Forcolin Liga Veneta
Minister of Budget and Local Government Gianluca Forcolin Liga Veneta
Minister of Health and Social Programs Luca Coletto Liga Veneta
Minister of Economic Development and Energy Roberto Marcato Liga Veneta
Minister of Public Works, Infrastructures and Transports Elisa De Berti Liga Veneta
Minister of Agriculture, Hunting and Fishing Giuseppe Pan Liga Veneta
Minister of Education and Labour Elena Donazzan Forza Italia
Minister of Social Affairs Manuela Lanzarin Liga Veneta
Minister of EU Programs, Tourism and International Trade Federico Caner Liga Veneta
Minister of Environment and Civil Protection Gianpaolo Bottacin Liga Veneta
Minister of Culture, City Planning and Security Cristiano Corazzari Liga Veneta

Source: Veneto Region – Regional Government

List of previous governments[edit]

Luca Zaia is the ninth President of Veneto. His predecessor Giancarlo Galan (1995–2010) has been the longest-serving President so far. Since direct election of the President was introduced, Venetian politics has become far more stable and governments generally last for a full term of five years.

Governments of Veneto
Government President Party Coalition Vice President Party Term Legislature
Tomelleri I Angelo Tomelleri DC DC Paolo Tartari DC 1970–1971 I Legislature
Tomelleri II Angelo Tomelleri DC DC Paolo Tartari DC 1971–1972
Feltrin I Piero Feltrin DC DC Paolo Tartari DC 1972–1973
Tomelleri III Angelo Tomelleri DC DC Marino Cortese DC 1973–1975
Tomelleri IV Angelo Tomelleri DC DC, PRI Giancarlo Gambaro DC 1975–1977 II Legislature
Tomelleri V Angelo Tomelleri DC DC Marino Cortese DC 1977–1980
Bernini I Carlo Bernini DC DC, PSDI Marino Cortese DC 1980–1985 III Legislature
Bernini II Carlo Bernini DC DC, PSI, PSDI, PLI Umberto Carraro PSI 1985–1989 IV Legislature
Cremonese I Gianfranco Cremonese DC DC, PSI, PSDI, PLI Umberto Carraro PSI 1989–1990
Cremonese II Gianfranco Cremonese DC DC, PSI, PRI, PSDI Amalia Sartori PSI 1990–1992 V Legislature
Frigo I Franco Frigo DC DC, PSI, Greens Renzo Burro PSI 1992–1993
Pupillo I Giuseppe Pupillo PDS DC, PDS, PSI, Greens, UPV Carlo Alberto Tesserin DC 1993–1994
Bottin I Aldo Bottin PPI PPI, LV, FI, PLI, UPV, CPA, Rad Gian Paolo Gobbo LV 1994–1995
Galan I Giancarlo Galan FI FI, AN, CDU, CCD Bruno Canella AN 1995–2000 VI Legislature
Galan II Giancarlo Galan FI FI, LV, AN, UDC Fabio Gava FI 2000–2005 VII Legislature
Galan III Giancarlo Galan FI FI, LV, AN, UDC, NPSI Luca Zaia / Franco Manzato LV 2005–2010 VIII Legislature
Zaia I Luca Zaia LV LV, PdL/NCD Marino Zorzato PdL/NCD 2010–2015 IX Legislature
Zaia II Luca Zaia LV LV, FI Gianluca Forcolin FI 2015–present X Legislature

Source: Veneto Region
Note 1: The PSDI joined the Bernini I Government in 1981.
Note 2: The PdL disbanded in 2013; its members joined either FI or NCD. Vice President Marino Zorzato joined the NCD.