Fourth González Cabinet

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politics and government of
González IV Cabinet
Position Name Term
President of the Government Felipe González Márquez 1993–1996
First Vice President of the Government Narcís Serra 1993–1995
Spokesperson for the Government Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba 1993–1996
Minister of Foreign Affairs Javier Solana Madariaga 1993–1995
Carlos Westendorp 1995–1996
Minister of Justice Juan Alberto Belloch 1993–1996
Minister of Defence Julián García Vargas 1993–1995
Gustavo Suárez Pertierra 1995–1996
Minister of Economy and Finance Pedro Solbes Mira 1993–1996
Minister of the Interior José Luis Corcuera Cuesta 1993–1993
Antoni Asunción Hernández 1993–1994
Juan Alberto Belloch 1994–1996
Minister of Public Works, Transports and Environment Josep Borrell Fontelles 1993–1996
Minister of Education and Science Gustavo Suárez Pertierra 1993–1995
Jerónimo Saavedra Acevedo 1995–1996
Minister of Labour and Social Security José Antonio Griñán Martínez 1993–1996
Minister of Industry and Energy Juan Manuel Eguiagaray Ucelay 1993–1996
Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Vicente Albero Silla 1993–1994
Luis María Atienza Serna 1994–1996
Minister for the Presidency Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba 1993–1996
Minister of Public Administrations Jerónimo Saavedra Acevedo 1993–1995
Joan Lerma i Blasco 1995–1996
Minister of Culture Carmen Alborch Bataller 1993–1996
Minister of Health and Consumption Ángeles Amador Millán 1993–1996
Minister of Social Affairs Cristina Alberdi Alonso 1993–1996
Minister of Trade and Tourism Javier Gómez-Navarro Navarrete 1993–1996