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Government scholar (Norwegian, statsstipendiat) is a position awarded by the Parliament of Norway upon the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education and Research and funded directly over the State budget of Norway. The position can be "for life" (until the normal age of retirement, 67 years) or for a limited period of time, although modern appointments usually are "for life." The scholarships are awarded to a select number of persons whose work is deemed important for the society, and who may engage in research, culture or other societal areas.[1] As they are appointed directly by parliament (and named in the State budget of Norway), they are considered political appointees. As of 2011, there were 30 government scholars in Norway; 23 men and 7 women.[2] All appointees were included in the Norwegian State Calendar until it ceased publication in 2012.

List of government scholars[edit]

The following is a comprehensive list of all government scholars, with the year of appointment

Appointed 2010-present[edit]

Appointed 2000-2009[edit]

Appointed 1990-1999[edit]

Appointed 1980-1989[edit]

Appointed 1970-1979[edit]

Appointed 1950-1969[edit]

Appointed 1920-1949[edit]

Appointed 1876-1919[edit]


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