Governor-General of the Bahamas

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Governor-General of the Bahamas
Coat of arms of the Bahamas.svg
Coat of Arms of the Bahamas
Flag of the Governor-General of the Bahamas.svg
Marguerite Pindling

since 8 July 2014
Style Her Excellency
Residence Government House, The Bahamas
Appointer Queen Elizabeth II
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Formation 31 July 1973
First holder Sir Milo Butler
Coat of arms of the Bahamas.svg
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The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas is the viceregal representative of the Bahamian monarch (currently Queen Elizabeth II). As the Queen cannot reside in all of her realms, she appoints representatives to carry out her duties as Queen of the Bahamas. Governors-General serve their term as such at Her Majesty's pleasure, but usually end their term within five years. They are also responsible for appointing the Prime Minister as well as other government Ministers after consultations with the Prime Minister.

Government House in Nassau is the official residence of governors-general. The current Governor-General is Dame Marguerite Pindling.

Governors-General of the Bahamas (1973–present)[edit]

# From To Name Comments
1 1 August 1973 22 January 1979 Milo Butler Died in office
2 22 January 1979 25 June 1988 Gerald Cash
3 26 June 1988 1 January 1992 Henry Milton Taylor
4 2 January 1992 2 January 1995 Clifford Darling
5 3 January 1995 13 November 2001 Orville Turnquest
6 13 November 2001 30 November 2005 Ivy Dumont Acting to 1 January 2002
* 1 December 2005 1 February 2006 Paul Adderley Acting
7 1 February 2006 14 April 2010 Arthur Dion Hanna
8 14 April 2010 8 July 2014 Arthur Foulkes
9 8 July 2014 Incumbent Marguerite Pindling

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