Governor Isidro High School

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Governor Isidro S. Rodriguez, Sr. Memorial National High School
Pang-alaalang Mataas na Paaralang Nasyonal ng Gobernador Isidro S. Rodriguez Sr.
Resurrection Street, St. Gregory Village, San Isidro, Cainta
Type Public School, K-12
Established 1998
School number 301444
Principal Alfredo D. Lopez (2007-2010, 2013-present)
Number of students approx. 1200
Campus Cainta, Rizal
Color(s) Blue and White         
Nickname Governians
Newspaper The Edge, Ang Balanti
Affiliation Department of Education, Division of Rizal

Governor Isidro S. Rodriguez, Sr. Memorial National High School (Filipino: Pang-alaalang Mataas na Paaralang Nasyonal ng Gob. Isidro S. Rodriguez Sr.), known as GISRSMNHS, Gov. Isidro High School and formerly known as Francisco P. Felix MNHS, Balanti Annex, is a public high school (using the K-12 Curriculum ) located at Resurrection Street, St. Gregory Village, San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal. It is a former annex of Francisco P. Felix MNHS which split up on 1998. The school's current principal (Principal II) is Mr. Remegio B. Olesco who came on 2010 for the replacement of Mr. Alfredo Lopez (Principal II).


Balanti, which is considered one of the most densely populated areas in Barangay San Isidro, Cainta, Rizal lies between Cainta, and Marikina. It is in this small isolated place the familiar name where the Francisco P. Felix Memorial National High School, Balanti Annex building was built.

For several years, Balanti Elementary School graduates couldn't pursue their secondary education due to the distance of Francisco P. Felix MNHS (Main Campus) plus the fact that they could not afford to enroll in private schools because of financial constraints.

Through the help of former general PTA representative of FPFMNHS-Balanti Annex headed by Mrs. Rosalia Sorbito, former Barangay Captain Manuel Franco with his Barangay Council Members, Benjamin V. Felix, Mr. Genesius P. Fulgueras, Mr. Rodel A. Cadiente and the DECS Rizal officials, they made a quantum leap in providing secondary education more accessible to the community of Balanti.

It was in 1992 when F.P. Felix MNHS - Balanti Annex was formally built, with three pioneer teachers to a hundred and thirty students. In six years time it was able to meet the necessary requirements expected in a typical high school campus.

Through the support of Dr. Remedios G. Aquino, former monitoring official in Cainta District, Mrs. Remedios N. Cionelo, Education Supervisor II, Region IV and former Mayor Benjamin V. Felix of Cainta, FPFMNHS-Balanti Annex finally gained its independence. It was approved by former DECS Secretary Ricardo T. Gloria on January 23, 1998, and it applied the named Gov. Isidro S. Rodriguez Sr. Memorial National High School by the Sangguniang Bayan of Cainta as to read:

"Whereas, to recognize and immortalize the unselfish contribution in the field of education and concern for the youth of the late Gov. Isidro S. Rodriguez Sr., it is but proper to put up an educational institution after his name."

At present, the school is being operated with 33 qualified and competent teachers with 1279 total population of students under the leadership of Mr. Remegio B. Olesco, as Principal II. To accommodate the growing enrollment, two (2) new school buildings are built with a total of fifteen (15) classrooms.


For the past fourteen years of operation, the school was led by the following:

Mr. Rodel A. Cadiente 1997-1999
Mrs. Elena V. Bernardo 1999-2003
Mrs. Clarita C. Nocon 2003-2005
Dr. Cristina S. Marasigan 2005-2007
Mr. Alfredo D. Lopez 2007-2010
Mr. Remegio B. Olesco 2010–2013
Mr. Alfredo D. Lopez 2013-2014
Mrs. Nenita De Leon 2014 - present