Governor of Amur Oblast

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Governor of Amur Oblast
Coat of arms of Amur Oblast.svg
Seal of Amur Oblast
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Vasiliy Aleksandrovich Orlov (cropped).jpg
Vasily Orlov

since 30 May 2018
Inaugural holderAlbert Krivchenko

The Governor of Amur Oblast is the head of the executive branch of the government of Amur Oblast, a federal subject (an oblast) of Russia.

The current governor is Aleksandr Kozlov, who has held the position since 13 September 2015.

List of Governors of Amur Oblast[edit]

This is a list of Governors of Amur Oblast (Russian: Губернатор Амурской области):

The latest election for the office was held on 13 September 2015.

Candidates Party Votes %
Ivan Abramov Liberal Democratic Party of Russia 60,545 28.30
Mikhail Dragunov Communist Party of Social Justice 7,764 3.63
Roman Kobyzov Communist Party of the Russian Federation 31,822 14.87
Alexander Kozlov United Russia 108,363 50.64