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This is a list of Governors of Assam, and other offices of similar scope, from the start of British occupation of the area in 1824 during the First Anglo-Burmese War.

Today, the Governor of Assam is a nominal head and representative of the President of India in the state of Assam. The Governor is appointed by the President for a term of 5 years.

Powers and functions[edit]

The Governor has:

  • Executive powers related to administration, appointments and removals,
  • Legislative powers related to lawmaking and the state legislature, that is Vidhan Sabha or Vidhan Parishad, and
  • Discretionary powers to be carried out according to the discretion of the Governor.

British Military Commanders in occupied Assam (1824–26)[edit]

In 1824, British forces occupied Assam, which was politically never part of either India or Burma

British Political Agents in Assam (1826–28)[edit]

On 24 February 1826, the Treaty of Yandaboo ceded portions of Assam from Burma to Britain.

Commissioners of Assam (1828–74)[edit]

In 1828, Western Assam was incorporated into the province of Bengal, followed by the rest of Assam in 1833. A Commissioner of Assam was appointed, subordinate to the Governor of Bengal.

Chief Commissioners of Assam (1874–1905)[edit]

In 1874, Assam was separated from the Bengal Presidency, and its status was upgraded to a Chief Commissioner's Province.

Lieutenant Governors of East Bengal and Assam (1905–12)[edit]

In 1905, Bengal was partitioned and East Bengal and Assam was formed, governed by a Lieutenant Governor.

Chief Commissioners of Assam (1912–21)[edit]

In 1912, East Bengal was re-incorporated into the Bengal Presidency, and Assam Province was again governed by a Chief Commissioner.

Governors of Assam (1921–47)[edit]

In 1921, the chief commissionership was upgraded to governor.

Governors of Assam since 1947[edit]

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