Governor of Chiapas

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Governor of Chiapas
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Acciones de Apoyo al Empleo en el marco de la Estrategia para el Desarrollo del Sur de México.jpg
Manuel Velasco Coello

since December 8, 2012
Term length Six years, non-renewable.
Inaugural holder Manuel José de Rojas
Formation September 14, 1825

The Governor of Chiapas is the chief executive of the Mexican state of Chiapas. The state constitution stipulates a term of 6 years, to which governors can only be elected once. It also specifies the qualifications for becoming Governor: a Mexican citizen by birth, aged at least 30 years old, and having not less than 5 years residency in Chiapas. The current governor is Manuel Velasco Coello from the PVEM, who assumed the position in 2012.


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