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Federated States
of Micronesia
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The office of the Governor of Chuuk is the highest elected position in the state of Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia. The state was called Truk until 1989, so the title of this office prior to the change would be Governor of Truk.

History of the office holders follows

Name Inaugurated Left Office Lieutenant Governor
Erhart Aten October 1978 May 8, 1986 Bob Mori[1]
Gideon Doone May 8, 1986 1990 Bob Mori[1]
Sasao H. Gouland[2] 1990 June 1996 Marcellino Umwech
Marcellino Umwech June 1996 April 1997  ?
Ansito Walter April 1997 April 19, 2005 Manuel D. Sound[3]
Wesly Simina April 19, 2005 July 27, 2011 Johnson Elimo
Johnson Elimo July 27, 2011 (acting to Sep 2, 2011) Present Ritis Heldart (2011–January 4, 2014)
Marius Akapito (since May 2, 2014)[4]


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