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This is a list of viceroys in Jamaica from its initial occupation by Spain in 1509, to its independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. For a list of viceroys after independence, see Governor-General of Jamaica. For context, see History of Jamaica.

Spanish Governors of Santiago (1510–1660)[edit]

Jamaica was claimed for Spain in 1494 when Christopher Columbus first landed on the island. Spain began occupying the island in 1509, naming it Santiago. The second governor, Francisco de Garay, established Villa de la Vega, now known as Spanish Town, as his capital.

English Commanders of Jamaica (1655–61)[edit]

In 1655, an English force led by Admiral Sir William Penn, and General Robert Venables seized the island. Following their departure, the incumbents successfully held it against Spanish attempts to retake it over the next few years.

English Governors of Jamaica (1661–62)[edit]

In 1661, England began colonisation of the island.

Deputy Governors of Jamaica (1662–71)[edit]

Lieutenant Governors of Jamaica (1671–90)[edit]

In 1670, the Treaty of Madrid legitimised English claim to the island.

Governors of Jamaica (1690–1962)[edit]

In 1962, Jamaica gained independence from the United Kingdom. Since independence, the viceroy in Jamaica has been the Governor-General of Jamaica.

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