Governor of Moscow Oblast

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Governor of Moscow Oblast
Coat of Arms of Moscow oblast.png
Coat of Arms of Moscow oblast
Губернатор Московской области11.JPG
Andrei Vorobyov

since November 8, 2012
Residence The Government House, Krasnogorsk
Term length 5 years, renewable once[citation needed]
Inaugural holder Anatoly Tyazhlov
Formation 1995
Website Governor of Moscow Oblast

The Governor of Moscow Oblast (Губернатор Московской области) is the head of the Moscow Oblast and head of the Executive authority in the Moscow Oblast, the region that almost surrounds Moscow.

Until 1995 the head of the Moscow Oblast was titled the Head of Moscow Oblast Administration. In 1995, the Regional Duma (Московская областная Дума) adopted the new law about the Governor of Moscow Oblast, and since 1995, the head of the Oblast is titled Governor.

The Governor is elected for a term that is renewable once consecutively.

Governors of Moscow Oblast[edit]

Portrait Name Period Party
1 Coat of arms of Moscow Oblast (large).svg Anatoliy Tyazhlov 16 October 1991 19 November 1999 Independent
Vasily Golubev, 2013.jpeg Vasily Golubev
19 November 1999 2 February 2000 Independent
2 Gromov boris 8.06.2010.jpg Boris Gromov 2 February 2000 11 May 2012 United Russia
3 Official portrait of Sergey Shoigu 11.jpg Sergey Shoygu 11 May 2012 6 November 2012 United Russia
Ruslan Tsalikov.jpg Ruslan Tsalikov
6 November 2012 8 November 2012 United Russia
4 Губернатор Московской области11.JPG Andrei Vorobyov 8 November 2012 Incumbent United Russia

Latest election[edit]

The latest election for the office was held on 8 September 2013.

Candidates Party Votes %
Andrey Vorobyov United Russia 1,655,479 78.94
Gennady Gudkov Yabloko 92,977 4.43
Nadezhda Korneeva Patriots of Russia 47,640 2.27
Alexander Romanovich A Just Russia 38,315 1.83
Konstantin Cheremisov Communist Party of the Russian Federation 161,969 7.72
Maxim Shingarkin Liberal Democratic Party of Russia 52,938 2.52

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