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This historic building once housed the Taganrog city hall

The Governor of Taganrog (Russian: Таганрогское градоначальство) was the head of the Taganrog borough or governorate (incorporated municipality with privileges given by royal charter), between October 8, 1802 and May 19, 1887.

Taganrog was also the center of uezd (including the cities of Rostov on Don, Nakhichevan on Don and Mariupol) from 1816 to 1834. Rostov was subordinated to Yekaterinoslav Governorate in 1834, while Nakhichevan and Mariupol remained within Taganrog's governorate until 1859.

Historical background[edit]

By the end of the 18th century, Taganrog lost its importance as a military base with Crimea and Azov Sea being under command of Imperial Russia. The cities on Black Sea and Azov Sea transformed into important trade centers. The trade development demanded new measures and Alexander I of Russia introduced the office of governors (градоначальник) who were in direct contact with H.I.M. The governorships (in different periods of time) were introduced in four Russian cities: Odessa, Taganrog, Feodosiya and Kerch. The emperor appointed to this post dynamic people with initiative. The post co-existed with the Head of the City or mayor (Russian: городской голова) and helped to develop trade and raise well-being of its citizens.

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