List of governors of Yogyakarta

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Governor of Special Region of Yogyakarta
Coat of arms of Yogyakarta.svg
Seal of the Province
Hamengkubuwono x.jpg
Hamengkubuwono X

since 3 October 1998
StyleHis Majesty
Formation17 August 1945
DeputyPaku Alam X

This is the list of governors of Special Region of Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Due to its root from the Yogyakarta Sultanate, since 2012 the Governor will always be the Hamengkubuwono, while the Vice Governor will always be the Paku Alam. Both offices are for life since its creation as a distinctive province in 1950.


# Name Took office Left office Vice Governor
1 Hamengkubuwono IX 4 March 1950 2 October 1988[a] Paku Alam VIII
2 Paku Alam VIII 2 October 1988[a] 11 September 1998 Vacant
3 Hamengkubuwono X 3 October 1998 present Vacant (1998–2003)
Paku Alam IX (2003–2015)
Vacant (2015–2016)
Paku Alam X (2016–present)


  1. ^ a b The Sultan was died on 2 October at 20:05 EDT or 3 October at 07:05 WIB