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Governorates (Arabic: محافظات‎; muhafazat, sing. muhafazah) are the second level of regional administration within Saudi Arabia. Each of Saudi Arabia's 13 regions is sub-divided into governorates. Governorates are further sub-divided into sub-governorates (marakiz, sing. markaz), though some sub-governorates report directly to the provincial capital rather than to one of the governorates. Regional capitals themselves are not included within any governorate but are instead governed by "municipalities" (amanah), with each municipality being headed by a mayor (amin). Governorates in Saudi Arabia can be either "Category A" or "Category B", depending on population size.

List of Governorates[edit]

Governorates are listed by province. The first named governorate in each province is the capital emirate.

The leading index number identifies the governorate in the linked maps.[1] Note that governorates are often not contiguous areas of land. For example, (49) Riyad Al Khabra in Qassim Province has 6 separate pieces.

The trailing number (in brackets) is the population at the census held on 28 April 2010,[2] but note that some boundaries have changed since that time.

Riyadh Province[edit]

Governorates of Riyadh province

Makkah Province[edit]

Madinah Province[edit]

Qassim Province[edit]

Eastern Province[edit]

Asir Province[edit]

Tabuk Province[edit]

Hail Province[edit]

Northern Borders[edit]

Jizan Province[edit]

Najran Province[edit]

Bahah Province[edit]

Jawf Province[edit]


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