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Gowalkot is a small fort located on the Southern Bank of Vashishti River near Chiplun in Maharashtra, India. This fort is guarded by river on three sides and a trench on the fourth side. It is an island situated around 10 km from Chiplun surrounded by the Vashishti River having a population which includes Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists. According to old natives of Gowalkot, the history of Gowalkot goes back to a King, who was Hindu and finally was converted in Muslim, his surname was "Chougle", and most of the land in gowalkot is owned by chougle family. All other owner of land in gowalkot must have either received the land as gift from chougle family or chougle's must have lost in " kul kaida " a rule by government.

Famous for its ancient fort build by Siddi Habshi of Janjira in 1690.The Gowalkot Fort covers an area of around two acres. In 1660 Shivaji Maharaj won this fort and renamed as Govindgad. Sambhaji Maharaj lost this fort to Siddi.In 1736 Chimaji Appa won this fort by killing Siddi Sat in battle. Tulaji Angre in 1745 captured it from.Later in 1755 Angre lost it to the Peshwa and eventually in 1818 East India company took control from the Peshwa. Portuguese ships attacked this fort during the Siege of Dabhol.

The fort is Almost ruined and at present is dilapidated.There is a temple of goddess Karanjeshwari at the foot hills of the fort. However, from within the fort there are trees, buildings and dwellings and a dry well which is approximately 22 feet deep,Located on top of the small hill on the fort.The Vashisthi River,offers the most beautiful and stunning glimpse of the smoothly flowing Vashisthi River and the undulating valley. Nature enthusiasts can indulge themselves by setting out on a trek around the areas near the fort and soak in the atmosphere at the fort.Go here alone, with family or your partner, for a truly spectacular experience