Gowan River

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Gowan River
Origin Lake Rotoroa
Mouth Buller River
Basin countries New Zealand
Length 11 km

The Gowan River is in the South Island of New Zealand. Its source is at Lake Rotoroa and travels 11 kilometres before feeding into the Buller River. Mixed farming and forestry occurs on both banks of the river. The river has introduced trout which attracts recreational fishing.

In 2001 a Water Conservation Order was placed on the river to recognise the value of it in an unmodified state. An application was made by Majac Trust to change the Order so that a hydroelectric electricity scheme could be constructed on the river. This was rejected by the Environment Court in August 2007.[1]

Coordinates: 41°43′S 172°34′E / 41.717°S 172.567°E / -41.717; 172.567