Gower Branch Canal

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Gower Branch in relation to BCN Main Lines
Tipton (top) to Smethwick(bottom)
BCN Old Main Line (left)
Netherton Tunnel Branch Canal
Gower Branch
-- Bradeshall Junction (left) & Albion Junction (right)
BCN New Main Line (right)
Top staircase lock and Brades Hall Junction (behind the iron bridge)
Brades (staircase) locks, photographed from the bridge

The Gower Branch Canal is a half-mile canal at Tividale in England, linking Albion Junction on the Birmingham Level (453 feet above sea) of the Birmingham Canal Navigations, and Bradeshall Junction (sometimes written Brades Hall Junction) on the BCN's older Wolverhampton (473 ft) level, via three locks, the Brades Locks, at the Southern, Bradeshall end.

It has a towpath on its eastern side and is crossed by only one road, the A457, just north of the middle lock. The branch is suitable for narrowboats of up to 70 foot length and 7 foot beam.

It facilitated travel between the Netherton Tunnel Branch Canal and the BCN Old Main Line, without the need for a long detour to Tipton or Smethwick and back.


The branch was authorised by the Birmingham Canal Act of 1768 but was not completed until 1836.


Point Coordinates
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OS Grid Ref Notes
Albion Junction 52°31′04″N 2°01′45″W / 52.5177°N 2.0292°W / 52.5177; -2.0292 (Albion Junction) SO981911 BCN New Main Line (Island Line)
Mid point 52°30′51″N 2°01′52″W / 52.5142°N 2.0311°W / 52.5142; -2.0311 (Mid point) SO978907
Single lock 52°30′46″N 2°01′55″W / 52.5127°N 2.0319°W / 52.5127; -2.0319 (Single lock) SO978905
A457 bridge 52°30′41″N 2°01′58″W / 52.5115°N 2.0328°W / 52.5115; -2.0328 (A457 bridge) SO977904 Dudley Road East
Staircase lock 52°30′40″N 2°01′59″W / 52.5112°N 2.033°W / 52.5112; -2.033 (Staircase lock) SO977904
Bradeshall Junction 52°30′38″N 2°02′00″W / 52.5106°N 2.0334°W / 52.5106; -2.0334 (Bradeshall Junction) SO978903 BCN Old Main Line

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Coordinates: 52°30′51″N 2°01′52″W / 52.5142°N 2.0311°W / 52.5142; -2.0311