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Gown-and-glove striptease

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Desire D'Amour at the Miss Exotic World Pageant, 2006. Photo Michael Albov

The gown-and-glove striptease is considered a very traditional form of the striptease.[1][2][3] This routine developed in America and spread to Europe.[2] The performer, usually female, is dressed elegantly in an evening gown with a back zipper and elbow length opera gloves. She then removes the gloves one at a time, in a slow teasing manner, before similarly removing the gown. This type of dance is exemplified by actresses like Rita Hayworth in Gilda (1946)[4] and Natalie Wood in Gypsy (1962)[5] and by current neo-burlesque performers like Dita Von Teese,[6] Bonnie Delight,[1] Bettsie Bon Bon and Havana Hurricane.[2]

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