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Gozinaki with walnuts.jpg
Type Confectionery
Place of origin Georgia
Main ingredients Nuts (usually walnuts), honey
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Gozinaki or Gozinaqi (Georgian: გოზინაყი pronounced [gɔzinɑqʼi]) is a traditional Georgian confection made of caramelized nuts, usually walnuts, fried in honey, and served exclusively on New Year's Eve and Christmas. In the western Georgian provinces of Imereti and Racha, it was sometimes called Churchkhela, a name more commonly applied to walnuts sewn onto a string, dipped in thickened white grape juice and dried. In several of Georgia's rural areas, both walnuts and honey used to have sacral associations. According to a long-established tradition, Gozinaki is a mandatory component of New Year's Eve/Christmas celebration.

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