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Gozli Ata

Coordinates: 40°20′03″N 54°29′15″E / 40.33403°N 54.48740°E / 40.33403; 54.48740
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Gozli Ata is one of the remotest shrines of Turkmenistan, devoted to the eponymous saint.[1]



The Gozli Ata mausoleum is a brick building with twin white domes and sparsely ornamented walls.[1] The entrance is designed in the form of pishtak; inside lies Sufi Gözli Ata in a triangular prism coffin of extraordinary length.[1] The premises contains numerous stone-tombs of Turkmen tribes.[1] Adjacent to this mausoleum, also lies the ruins of a madrasa and the mausoleum of Bibi Aysulu, who was the wife of Gözli Ata.[2]


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40°20′03″N 54°29′15″E / 40.33403°N 54.48740°E / 40.33403; 54.48740