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The Gozo Football League is a football competition for clubs on the Maltese island of Gozo.

The league is run by the Gozo Football Association and currently has 14 teams split equally into two divisions, the First Division and the Second Division, thus making it two levels in the process. The Melita First Division is the highest level of the Gozo Football League while the Melita Second Division is the lowest level. At the end of the season, the winners of the Melita Second Division are promoted into the Melita First Division, whilst the bottom club of the Melita First Division is relegated. A promotion/relegation playoff game takes place between the 7th placed First Division team and the team placing second in the Second Division and the winner will participate in the Melita First Division and the loser will participate in the Melita Second Division

League system[edit]




Gozo Football League First Division
8 clubs

↓↑ 1-2 clubs


Gozo Football League Second Division
6 clubs


Only two football stadiums are used for games in Gozo. Generally the 4000 capacity Gozo Stadium is used for First Division games, while most commonly Sannat Ground is used for Second Division games. Although this is the general standard, both divisions have used each stadium to some extent.

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