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For the artist, see Masao Gozu.
Gozu Poster.jpg
Directed by Takashi Miike
Produced by Kana Koido
Harumi Sone
Written by Sakichi Sato
Starring Hideki Sone
Show Aikawa
Music by Kôji Endô
Cinematography Kazunari Tanaka
Edited by Yasushi Shimamura
Distributed by Cinema Epoch
Release dates
July 12, 2003
Running time
130 min.
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Gozu (極道恐怖大劇場 牛頭 GOZU Gokudō kyōfu dai-gekijō: Gozu?, literally: Yakuza Horror Theatre: Cow's Head) is a Japanese cult film directed by Takashi Miike and written by Sakichi Sato.


Structurally, Gozu is a succession of bizarre scenes sandwiched between a storyline involving Minami’s search for his Yakuza brother Ozaki in a small town, that is reminiscent of the episodic quests in Greek Mythology.[1]

Minami's encounter with a minotaur-like creature gives the film its name (Gozu is Japanese for cow's head).



Shot on a low budget, the movie was originally planned for release on DVD but its positive reception at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2003 secured its theatrical release overseas.[2] The film received mostly positive reviews from the New York Times, BBC, Washington Post and internet sites Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB, with most critics commenting on the deeply surreal and disjointed nature of the film.[1][3][4]


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