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GpsGate is a software platform for Internet-based GPS tracking and GPS sharing. GpsGate is owned by Franson Technology AB, a company located in Stockholm, Sweden, specialized in GPS software development. Franson Technology AB was founded in 2004 by the current CEO Johan Franson.


GpsGate Client[edit]

GPS software for Windows Vista/XP/2k/NT/ME/98, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and Windows CE .NET. GpsGate Client is a client tool that is used to share a GPS between several applications using virtual COM ports, connect regular GPS to Garmin nRoute, connect a GPS direct to Google Earth and send GPS positions to a GpsGate Server. GpsGate Client also includes a GPS simulator and NMEA logger. Advanced users can use GpsGate Client to share a GPS over networks, HTTP, Bluetooth and ActiveSync and multiplex and split NMEA streams.

GpsGate Server[edit]

In January 2007 Franson Technology AB released GpsGate Server. GpsGate Server is a server platform for GPS tracking built around AJAX, XML/JSON, .NET and MySQL. GpsGate Server includes web applications for tracking of vehicles, people, animals and assets. GPS positions can be sent to GpsGate Server over HTTP and TCP/UDP using GPS tracking devices, mobile phones and GpsGate Clients. The server has support for multiple languages. GpsGate Server can be installed on a Windows server or subscribed to as a service from


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