Gráinne (given name)

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Gráinne - Gaelic type.svg
Gráinne in a Gaelic type.
MeaningSunshine, or, "of the Sun"
Other names
Anglicisation(s)Grace, Gertrude, Gertie
See alsoGrania, Granya

Gráinne is a feminine given name in the Irish language. The name is of an uncertain origin, although it is possible that it may be connected with the word "Ghrian", meaning "the Sun". In Irish legend, Deorghrianne (a Tear of the Sun), is the daughter of Fiachna, Son of Betach. The name is also borne by a famed character in Irish mythologyGráinne, who was the daughter of Cormac mac Airt, a legendary High King of Ireland.[1]

The name can be Latinised as Grania; and can be Anglicised as Granya.[1] The name Gráinne can also be represented in English as Grace, Gertrude, and Gertie.[2] These English names are etymologically unrelated to Gráinne.[1] Gráinne is pronounced as 'Grawn-ya' in all dialects bar Ulster Irish where it is pronounced as 'Grah-nya'.

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