Gråt inga tårar

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"Gråt inga tårar"
Single by Thorleifs
from the album Gråt inga tårar
A-side "Gråt inga tårar"
B-side "Jag är så gla'
Released 1974
Format grammophone record
Genre dansband music
Songwriter(s) Åke Hallgren
Thorleifs singles chronology
""En dag i juni" ("Safe in My Garden")/"En äkta rock'n roll"'"
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"Gråt inga tårar"
""Skänk mig dina tankar" / "Lorna"'"
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"En dag i juni" ("Safe in My Garden")/"En äkta rock'n roll"'
"Gråt inga tårar"
"Skänk mig dina tankar"/"Lorna"'

"Gråt inga tårar" is a song written by Åke Hallgren in the dansband Pippis from Hede, and recorded and a released a single by several dansbands in 1974, including Pippis, Dannys and Thorleifs. Pippis also recorded the song on the 1975 album Ordning på torpet.[1]

Thorleifs, who used "Jag är så gla'" as a B-side, released the song as a 1974 single, only available for members in the Thorleifs fan club[2] scoring a Svensktoppen hit for 11 weeks during the period of 11 March-4 May 1975 peaking at third position.[3] The single sold platina and also gave the name to the band 's 1975 album Gråt inga tårar.[4] The song was also recorded in Danish, as "Græd ingen tårer".[5]

In the year 2000, Swedish radio program I afton dans in Sveriges Radio P4 held a voting where the song was appointed "Dansband song of the 20th century ".[6] The song has also been appointed "dansband hit song of all times".[7]

In 2006 Thorleifs participated at Sveriges Television's "Musikministeriet" recording "Gråt inga tårar" together with Balkan band Süperstar Orkestar from the Republic of Macedonia. During a test to combine Balkan music with dansband music, the song was re-arranged from major scale to minor scale, creating the original concept of "Dansband-Balkan music".[8] Süperstar Orkestar also recorded the song for the 2008 album Balkanized.[9]

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