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Grégoire Maertens with his grandson Rakoen Maertens during the 100th World Congress of Esperanto in Lille (France), 2015

Grégoire Maertens (born 1 January 1924) is a West-Flemish Esperantist who was a member of the Estraro (steering committee) for the UEA (Universala Esperanto-Asocio or World Esperanto Association) from 1977 until 1992. From 1980 until 1986 he was president of the UEA,[1] and an honorary member from 1993 onwards.

Gregoire Maertens was born in Bruges, where he became active in the local Esperanto movement in Bruges as of 1946 and became a member of the BEF (Belga Esperanto-Federacio or Belgian Esperanto Federation).[2] He was a lecturer at the AIS (Akademio Internacia de la Sciencoj or International Academy of Science) in San Marino, where he was also treasurer from 1992 until 1995.[3][4]

Universal Esperanto Association
Preceded by President
1980 – 1986
Succeeded by


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