Gröûp X

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Gröûp X
OriginAtlanta, Georgia
GenresComedy rock, rap rock
Years active1997 (1997)–2018 (2018)

Gröûp X (also known as Gröûp X: Arabian Rap Sensations) is a faux Arabian rock band, claiming to be from the fictional village of Cramshananteen, Saudi Arabia; however, they actually originate from Georgia, USA. They play a mix of rap and rock. They use comically accented and mangled English.[1][dead link]


  • Hashmeer Shashmeer: Voice, lyric, maik band, wrote a lot of songs
  • DJ Erik Turturro, Attorney at Law, aka Karen Smeth "The Harpsichord": original bass player
  • Pepperment Joe: original drummer, now returned
  • Blade Razorr: hired temporarily two replace DJ Erik turturro, fired swiftly when he would not follow rules, also Erik Turturro returned
  • Rex Wif Da Machine: hired temporarily to drum piepots until Peppermaint Joe make it to Yew Nork
  • White Chocolate: Guest rapper, beatboxer and backing vocals (the only one claiming to be a "white / American" character)

Common venues[edit]

Gröûp X used to occasionally play live shows at Swayze's Venue[2] in Marietta, Georgia but have not attended the venue for some time.


  • 40 oz. Slushie (1999)
  • Stepping on the Crowtche owf Your Americain Presidaint (2000)
  • The Return of Peppermaint Joe (2018)


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  • [1] Official iTunes page.