Grímsnes- og Grafningshreppur

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Grímsnes- og Grafningshreppur
Grimsnes- og grafningshreppur map.png
Location of the municipality
Constituency South Constituency
Region Southern Region
Manager Ingibjörg Harðardóttir
Area 900 km2
Population 422
Density 0.47/km2
Number 8719

Grímsnes- og Grafningshreppur is a municipality in the south-western part of Iceland, in the Southern Region. It was formed in 1998 by the merger of Grímsneshreppur and Grafningshreppur. The main settlement is Sólheimar with 80 inhabitants (2006). The settlement Írafoss og Ljósafoss, which still had 15 inhabitants in 1997, has been abandoned since then.


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Coordinates: 64°04′07″N 20°38′35″W / 64.06861°N 20.64306°W / 64.06861; -20.64306