Grażyna Chrostowska

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Grażyna Chrostowska (20 September 1921, Lublin - 18 April 1942, Ravensbrück), was a Polish poet and an activist of the Polish underground during the Second World War.

She graduated from High School in Lublin. During her school time she wrote poems and showed interests in film and acted in the school's theater. She was also a member of the scouts. After the German occupation of Poland, she was a member of the underground organization Komenda Obrońców Polski. On 8 May 1941 she was arrested along with her father while visiting her sister Apolonia who was already imprisoned. On 23 September 1941 she was deported to the Ravensbrück concentration camp. She was shot by the Nazis together with her sister, Pola, on 18 April 1942.[1][2]


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