Grab (tool)

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A clamshell bucket

A grab is a mechanical device with two or more jaws (sometime clamshell-shaped), used to pick things up or to capture things. Some types include:

  • Roundnose grab
  • Clamshell grab
  • Orange-peel grab
    • in Dutch and German they are called poliep grijpers/ Polypengreifer = "polyp grabs".

There are different ways of open/close the grabs:

  • electro-hydraulic / diesel-hydraulic
  • mechanical by rope(s) (1-rope, 2-ropes, 3-ropes, 4-ropes)

Grabs can be used for:

  • dredging
  • bulk handling (e.g. loading/unloading ships)
  • salvage (e.g. ship-wrecks, oil)