Grace (Dark Horse Comics)

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Publication information
Publisher Dark Horse Comics
First appearance Comics' Greatest World: Golden City Week 1
Created by Barbara Kesel
Team CGW
In-story information
Alter ego Unknown
Team affiliations Catalyst, Vortex, Division 13
Notable aliases Amazing Grace, Lady Grace
Abilities flight, super-strength, teleportation (via "Diamonds")

Grace is a fictional character, a Dark Horse Comics superheroine. The character first appeared in Comics' Greatest World: Golden City Week 1 (1993), created by Barbara Kesel and the other members of Team CGW.

Grace runs Golden City and defends it from many threats; the main one comes from the United States when Grace decides Golden City will secede.

Related characters[edit]

  • Madison - Grace's only confidant, the second in command of Catalyst.
  • Catalyst: Agents of Change - Team of Superpowered individuals originally led by Grace. The guardians of Golden City.
  • Vortex - A godlike being responsible for all meta-human activities on Earth. Both an enemy and an uneasy ally to Grace.
  • Law - Lead Catalyst in Grace's absence.


  • Comics' Greatest World: Golden City 1-4
  • Out of the Vortex 3-5
  • Catalyst: Agents of Change 1-5
  • Titan Special 1 (in flashback only)
  • Will To Power 7-12
  • Out of the Vortex 11-12
  • Nexus: Out of the Vortex 1-5 (never published mini-series)[citation needed]
  • Agents of Law 2, 5-6

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