Grace (Ketil Bjørnstad album)

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Studio album by Ketil Bjørnstad and David Darling
Released 2001
Recorded Live at Vossajazz, March 2000
Genre Jazz
Length 66:35
Label EmArcy
Universal Music
Producer Manfred Eicher
Ketil Bjørnstad chronology
Before the Light
(2001)Before the Light2001

Grace (released 2001 by EmArcy, international release by Universal Music) is an album by the Norwegian pianist Ketil Bjørnstad.[1][2]

Professional ratings
Review scores
Panorama4/6 stars[1]
Amazon.com4.5/5 stars[3]


The Panorama review by Harald Christian Langaas (15.2.2001, © Panorama Media) awarded the album four stars, stating:

... The lyrics of Grace is from the old English poet, John Donne, and it is truly beautiful and wise words for thought, which certainly deserves to be brought to light. Still, I might mention the embossed instrumental improvisation parties as the most successful. This is where the band's best qualities come into their own...[1]

The readers riview awarded the album 4½ stars.[3]

Track listing[edit]

All compositions by Ketil Bjørnstad.
  1. «No Man Is An Iland...» (3:53)
  2. «Lovers' Infiniteness» (6:44)
  3. «The Bait» (2:41)
  4. «White» (1:33)
  5. «The Anniversary» (5:24)
  6. «Love's Growth» (5:56)
  7. «Song» (5:13)
  8. «Love's Usury» (6:13)
  9. «Naked» (2:51)
  10. «Grace» (4:35)[4]
  11. «The Indifferent» (4:06)
  12. «Mystery» (3:25)
  13. «The Canonization» (5:50)
  14. «Take A Flat Map...» (4:32)
  15. «No Man Is An Iland... (Finale)» (3:39)



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