Grace Around the World

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Grace Around the World
Jeff buckley - grace around the world - cover.jpg
Video by Jeff Buckley
Released June 2, 2009
Recorded November 8, 1994 - July 9, 1995
London, England
Frankfurt, Germany
Tokyo, Japan
New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Belfort, France
New York, New York, USA
Genre Rock
Label Columbia
  • Mary Guibert (executive)
  • Tony Faske

Grace Around the World is a DVD and CD by Jeff Buckley compiling live, international performances from his album, Grace. It was released in two packages. The Standard Edition includes a live DVD and an accompanying CD counterpart. The Deluxe Edition (limited edition) includes a bonus DVD of the documentary, Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley.

Track listing[edit]

  • Disc One DVD: Grace Around the World
  1. "Grace" (BBC Late Show, London, 1/17/95)
  2. "So Real" (Live aus dem Südbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  3. "Mojo Pin" (Live aus dem Südbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  4. "What Will You Say" (Live aus dem Südbahnhof, Frankfurt, 2/24/95)
  5. "Hallelujah" (MTV Japan, Tokyo, 1/31/95)
  6. "Dream Brother" (Howlin' Wolf, New Orleans, 12/2/94)
  7. "Eternal Life" (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  8. "Last Goodbye" (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  9. "Lover, You Should've Come Over" (JBTV, Chicago, 11/8/94)
  10. "Lilac Wine" (MTV Europe, Eurockéennes Festival, Belfort, 7/9/95)

Bonus features[edit]

  1. "Grace" (MTV, 120 Minutes, New York City, 1/15/95)
  2. "So Real" (MTV, 120 Minutes, New York, 1/15/95)
  3. "Last Goodbye" (MTV, 120 Minutes, New York, 1/15/95)
  4. "Vancouver" (MTV's Most Wanted, London, 3/3/95)
  5. "Hallelujah" (music video)
  6. "Star Tours" (VH1, Naked Café Behind The Scenes Piece, 1/9/95)
  7. "Merri Cyr Bus Interview" (spring 1995)
  • Disc Two CD: Grace Around the World (Same performances as Disc One but audio only)
  • Disc Three DVD: Amazing Grace: Jeff Buckley (Deluxe Edition only)