Grace Greenwood Ames

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Grace Greenwood Ames
Born (1905-01-15)January 15, 1905
Died July 21, 1979(1979-07-21) (aged 74)
New York City
Nationality American
Known for painting
Movement Mexican muralism

Grace Greenwood Ames (born Brooklyn, January 15, 1905 – died New York City, July 21, 1979[1]) was an American artist, who worked predominantly in Mexico, where she got her artistic training.

When she married, rather than dropping her maiden name she added her husband's surname Ames on to the end of her name, and called herself variously 'Grace Greenwood', 'Grace Ames', or (as she has become known) 'Grace Greenwood Ames'.[2]

Like her younger sister Marion Greenwood, who in 1940 painted a mural titled The Partnership of Man and Nature in the post office in Crossville, Tennessee, Grace Ames painted murals together with Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Pablo O'Higgins, Leopoldo Méndez, and other well-known Mexican "muralista".[3] Her work includes the oil on canvas murals titled Progress of Power in the Lexington, Tennessee post office, commissioned by the Treasury Section of Fine Arts, and completed in 1940.


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