Grace Leven Prize for Poetry

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The Grace Leven Prize for Poetry is an annual award given in the name of Grace Leven who died in 1922. It was established by William Baylebridge who "made a provision for an annual poetry prize in memory of 'my benefactress Grace Leven' and for the publication of his own work".[1] Grace was his mother's half-sister.[2]

The award is made to "the best volume of poetry published in the preceding twelve months by a writer either Australian-born, or naturalised in Australia and resident in Australia for not less than ten years".[2] It offers only a small monetary prize, but is highly regarded by poets.[3] It was first awarded in 1947,[4] with the recipient being Nan McDonald's Pacific Sea.


  • 2012: Joint winners
Rawshock by Toby Fitch
Autoethnographic by Michael Brennan
The Collected Blue Hills by Laurie Duggan
Jaguar's Dream by John Kinsella
Another Fine Morning in Paradise by Michael Sharkey
  • 2010: Joint winners
Phantom limb by David Musgrave
Patience, Mutiny by LK Holt
The Simplified World by Petra White
New and Selected Poems by Kevin Hart[7]
Path of Ghosts: poems 1986-93 by Jemal Sharah[8]
Empire of Grass by Gary Catalano
Peniel by Kevin Hart[7]
Selected Poems 1963-1983 by Robert Gray
The Amorous Cannibal by Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Judith Wright: Collected Poems, 1942-1970 by Judith Wright
Collected Poems 1936-1970 by James McAuley[14]