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From an advertisement for the film Judy of Rogue's Harbor (1920)

Grace Miller White (1868–1957) was an American author. Born Mary Esther Miller, she lived her whole life in Ithaca, New York. She adopted the name Grace around 1897, in memory of a younger sister who had died before reaching her first birthday. She married twice, first to Homer White, and then to Friend H. Miller.

She began her writing career novelizing plays,[1][2] before turning her hand to novels in 1909. Several of her books were adapted for the big screen, most notably Tess of the Storm Country, which has been filmed on four separate occasions between 1914 and 1960.

Selected bibliography[edit]

  • Deserted at the Altar (1905)[1][2] (made into the film of the same name in 1922)
  • Tess of the Storm Country (1909)
  • From the Valley of the Missing (1911)
  • When Tragedy Grins (1912)
  • Rose o' Paradise (1915)
  • The Secret of the Storm Country (1917)
  • Judy of Rogues' Harbor (1918) (made into the film of the same name in 1920)
  • The Shadows of the Sheltering Pines (1919)
  • Storm Country Polly (with Frank Tenney Johnson, 1920)
  • The Marriage of Patricia Pepperday (1922)
  • The Ghost of Glen Gorge (1925)
  • Susan of the Storm (1927)


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