Graceful 4

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Graceful 4
Graceful4 cd.jpg
Studio album by The Grace
Released November 14, 2007
Recorded 2005-2007
Genre Pop
Length 52:05
Label Rhythm Zone
The Grace chronology
Graceful 4
Alternative Cover
"Graceful 4" CD+DVD Cover

Graceful 4, The Grace's first Japanese album, was released on November 14, 2007. The title track, One More Time, OK?, is a translated version of the song 한번 더, OK? from Chun Sang Ji Hee's The Grace (Tenjochiki) first Korean album. Tenjochiki's first Japanese studio album includes the 5 singles released from 2006 January in Japan, and the album has a total of 14 tracks. The album sold a total of 1,622 copies in Japan, peaking at the #103 spot in the Oricon charts.

Track listing[edit]


  1. "Piranha"
  2. "One More Time, OK?"
  3. "Just for One Day(Special Edition) (天上智喜feat. JEJUNG from 東方神起)"
  4. "I'll Kiss You"
  5. "Boomerang"
  6. "Pardon Me??"
  7. "5cm"
  8. "Sweet Flower"
  9. "Get on the Floor (天上智喜&Dogma)"
  10. "The Club" (feat. Seamo)
  11. "Juicy Love" (feat. Cornhead)
  12. "My Everything"


  1. "One More Time,OK?" Video clip
  2. "Piranha" Video clip
  3. "Juicy Love" Video clip
  4. "Sweet Flower" Video clip
  5. "The Club" Video clip
  6. "Boomerang" Video clip

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