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Gracia Couturier (born August 14, 1951) is a Canadian educator and writer.[1]

She was born in Edmundston, New Brunswick. She has lived in Moncton since the 1970s.[1] Couturier received a BEd from the Université de Moncton. She taught school for several years and completed a master's degree in French literature in 1994.[2]

She was a founding member of the Théâtre l'Escaouette in Moncton and was founding director of Théâtre de saisons du Centre universitaire de Shippagan.[3] Her work includes children's literature, novels, plays and haiku.[1] Couturier has also worked as a script writer and researcher for Radio-Canada.[3]

Selected works[edit]

Children's literature[4][edit]

  • Un tintamarre dans ma tête (2002)
  • Le vœu en vaut-il la chandelle? (2003)


  • L'antichambre (1997)
  • Je regardais Rebecca (1999)
  • Chacal, mon frère (2010), received the Prix des lecteurs Radio-Canada[1] and the Prix France-Acadie[4]


  • Les enfants, taisez-vous! (1983)
  • Le gros ti-gars (1986)
  • Mon mari est un ange (1988), also rewritten for television
  • Les ans volés (1988)
  • Enfantômes suroulettes (1989)


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